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WhatsApp’s CEO: Will Cathcart Issues Warning To All Android Users

WhatsApp’s CEO Will Cathcart Issues Warning To All Android Users

Android users have been strongly cautioned by a WhatsApp warning to beware of bogus instant messaging program versions. The whatsapp warning was issued via a tweet thread from WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart, who stated that users who use any modified versions of the program will face serious consequences. One of the most widely used mobile instant messaging apps is WhatsApp, which has almost two billion active users. Scammers that wish to deceive consumers via various methods frequently target it.
Mr. Cathcart said in a tweet that the company’s security research team had discovered several rogue apps that purported to offer WhatsApp-like services. He wrote in the tweet that “Hey WhatsApp” and other apps from a developer called “HeyMods” had recently been found to contain concealed spyware. These apps were provided outside of Google Play.

These apps claimed to have new features but were actually just a ruse to obtain users’ personal data from their phones. In order to battle the fraudulent apps, we’ve worked with Google and communicated what we’ve discovered with them, Mr. Cathcart added.

The fraudulent WhatsApp versions are not offered on the Google Play Store, but users are tricked into downloading them from unreliable sources. This whatsapp warning is for these users from Mr. Cathcart.

“Google Play Protect for Android can now identify and shut down malicious fake versions of WhatsApp that were previously downloaded. The head of WhatsApp stated, “We appreciate Google’s assistance in their ongoing efforts to stop fraudulent apps from propagating on Android devices.

A report claimed that the business had unveiled a beta version of the new Catalyst-based WhatsApp app for macOS. The WhatsApp beta version for macOS is reportedly very different from the current appearance, according to a report from WABetaInfo.