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Who is an Educated Person?

Educated Person Meaning

Education is from the latin word: Edukatem- meaning emancipation of one-self from within. It encapsulates personal development of qualities and strength and subsequently translates to actions that add value to society. You are an educated person if you develop your knowledge and skills in such a way that results in the ultimate contribution to life and community. Your education is demonstrated in your ability to impact lives.

Misconceptions About Education

  1. If you have enrolled and graduated from a university, you are educated.  There are types of education: Formal and Informal education. Enrollment in school could as well translate to formal education, while training in apprentice, family, religious and traditional institutions translate into informal education.
  2. If you can speak goo English, you are educated. English fluency sometimes could be locally considered, though not globally recognized. This is because of the country that colonized us(The British) in Nigeria.
  3. Education is schooling. The moment you are have good grades, you are educated. It is possible for someone to manage himself through school with poor grades, yet demonstrate the indicators of an educated person.

Quotes for the Day about Who is an Educated Person ?

“It is the value you add to lifes in the society that translates to your personal income”

“Our Concern should go beyond certificate acquisition unto personal capacity and skill development”

“The ability to survive in economic crisis is a skill”

“The Money you need is not in the certificate, but in the skills”

It is good to acquire certificates, but more concern should be on self-development.

Re-Defining Education

He is a life long learner

He is a wide read person that is passionate about knowledge

He is a skilled person

He is someone that knows what he has and how to positively use them to meet his needs and that of the society.

He is a person that solves problem for his community and nation

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