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Why Everyone Needs Sex Education

What comes to your mind when you hear the word sex? Well, It’s not about copulation involving the male and female gender. One reason why we need this education

What is Sex Education?

Sex education is the act of teaching, learning, unlearning, and relearning sex-related matters. It involves knowing body development, especially relating to the gonads how they affect our physical, emotional, and even spiritual life. It helps young and old minds be aware of myths and facts related to sex and how to make good choices about that sex life.

It is expected to begin from individual homes, extending to schools, churches, and any other medium to gain knowledge related to this education.

Ever wondered why cases of rape, unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, breakups and divorce, drug abuse, and other ill act are on the high side? The absence of this education in the life of these individuals.

Why Sex Education is for Everyone?

Everyone is made up of sex organs, and we all cross paths with situations that need our reaction. Our reaction to sex-related matters is what makes us safe or unsafe. Gone are the days when sex was practiced by adults alone. Children and teenagers exposed to a corrupt environment are now sex tools and addicts, leaving a harmful side effects on them.

These are some reasons why sex education for everyone.

  1. It helps prepare for a stage of life like puberty, where development occurs in the body. Lack of sex education may induce anxiety in children who have never been taught what to expect in this phase of life.
  2. It helps create awareness for people of all ages concerning sexually transmitted diseases. In this course, the How’s and Why’s of STDs are discussed to keep people safe. 
  3. In this education, some fallacies about sex are being addressed, thereby providing a means for reliable information concerning sex. 
  4. In a society where this education is preached from the internal to the external phase, there are reduced cases of rape, unwanted pregnancy, pedophiles, and other ill act.
  5. It helps curb infertility By educating women on pills, careless abortion, and other acts that enhance infertility.
  6. Married folks who have this knowledge can embark on safe family control practices without fear of pregnancy during copulation.
  7. It liberally given to everyone helps to regulate the population. Most children result from unwanted pregnancy and no knowledge of family control.
  8. It also erases naivety from young ones who may be rape victims.
  9. It does not promote sexual activity; instead, it promotes caution.
  10. It helps to prepare singles for a lasting relationship and marriage.

Effect of Lack of Sex Education

Lack of sex education has its adverse side effects 

  1. It breeds a corrupt and unsafe society.
  2. It breeds an unhealthy society where its members are victims of sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. Lack of creativity because young ones are so addicted to sex. Sexual addiction could affect militants’ creativity.
  4. There is room for unhealthy relationships and marriages
  5. Divorce could become rampant
  6. It curbs Masturbation and gay practices 

Sources of Sex Education

Mothers: Mothers have been observed as one of the effect educators of sex education. They educate their children by telling them parts in the body that people must not see or touch. They educate their children on puberty and prepare the girl child for things she might see as strange or abnormal in her body. This education takes place at home and is encouraged among families. Fathers should also be a part of it.

School Teachers: Subject like Home Economics Health Education is meant for personal development, extending sex education. The Education Board has also implemented topics related to sex education in the school curriculum. 

Doctors: Medical practitioners play an essential role in sex counseling for unmarried and married. They also guide infertile couples, people living with sexually transmitted diseases, rape victims.

MEDIA: The media is another source for sex education. One problem about this medium of sex education is that its information may not be accurate or scientifically proven. However, some websites and blogs give reliable information concerning it.


Sex education is not for adults alone. It’s for everyone. To solve this issue, we have provided a comprehensive resource that will simpify this and help you properly educate your kids and students. CLICK HERE, to download a copy of the parent’s guide.  Adults shouldn’t think they are too mature for this type of education. Every day, we learn new things.

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