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Why Nursing Career?: Opportunities and Responsibilities

Why Nursing Career?

What is Nursing ?

Nursing is a profession that deals with medical care for sick patients and maternal care. Nursing is not a profession alone but a vocation. Naturally, mothers are meant to be nurses. But a nurse is someone who has undergone an authorized nursing program education and has been certified in their country.

Nurses work in hospitals, schools, offices, homes, healthcare services, rehabilitation centers. Etc.

The nursing profession appears to be a feminine career, but that’s a misconception. It is for both men and women who have a passion for providing patient care and triage.

Responsibilities in Nursing?

The responsibilities of a nurse depend on the level of the training received and also on the qualification. Nurses carry out responsibilities like:

  • Documentation of medical issues of patients
  • Administration of treatments 
  • Conducting physical health assessments like checking the blood pressure poles heartbeats examining some parts of the body
  • Helps monitor heads of non-governmental organizations (NGO)
  • Health educator 
  • Assisting in surgery performance 
  • Performs maternal care

What is Practical Nursing?

This is a nursing qualification that gives you the vantage to practice solving real-life medical problems after training has been proven through nursing examinations to be worthy to practice. Practical nurses are given a license to work and cater to the sick professionally. A licensed practical nurse has the right to give intravenous drugs, use medical equipment for treatment and give medical advice or perform some medical-related activities.

How Much Is Nursing School?

Tuition fee for nursing school varies with the states of the country.

In Nigeria:

Generally, the amounts for most schools of Nursing range from 80,000 Naira to 200,000 naira per year.

In the US:

The average cost of nursing school can vary according to the US. The average cost of tuition for the 2021 school year was $9,687 for a four-year public school and $35,087 for a four-year private school.

How Long is the Schooling Process for Nursing?

In Nigeria, the school of Nursing program runs for four years. The first three years are a combination of classroom training and ward rounds. In the fourth year, they are made to write professional exams in the award of a certificate in general nursing as a registered nurse, after which they are left to decide an optional one year to study. Meet wavery

In the UK, under undergraduate degree, nothing lasts for three years of full-time study while postgraduate degree courses take two years.

In the US, it takes four years to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

After the study of nursing nurses hold different levels of certification, including the registered nurse

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses primarily maintain medical records. They assist doctors by maintaining and managing medical records.

The Nurse Practitioner

They are licensed to run a diagnosis and give prescriptions to patients.

The Certified Nurse Midwife

Provides care for maternal for maternity. They help the help in the birthing process that provide care for pregnant women. They provide gynecological care.

The Clinical Nurse Specialist

 They are known to belong experienced in a particular specialty. They work in senior care homes, hospitals, and community health centers.

Opportunities in The Nursing Career

Nursing is one lucrative profession all over the world. The opportunity depends on the qualification and specialty.

Opportunities include:

Emergency room Nurses: These are nurses that treat patients with critical conditions or at greater risk of time for gases such as accidents. Do you also walk us flights nurses in airplanes and helicopters?

Midwives: They attend to maternal conditions relating to pregnant women. Every year the rates of natality increase, and this improves the financial condition of midwives.

Psychiatric Nurses: They work in psychiatric hospitals to treat patients with a mental disorders.

Camp Nurses: Camp nurses ensure the healthy state of campers in the campground. They respond to cases of emergency and injury.

Certified Nurse: He or she documents, observes, and supervises the health of patients.

Community Nurse: They carry out community awareness of disease outbreaks. They also inject vaccines and immunization against diseases. 

Dermatology Nurse: That has to do with the administration of treatments for skin diseases and trauma, giving instructions also on how to provide for the skin.


Nursing is a lucrative profession that needs passion and dedication in order to avail of more opportunities in this field.

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