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Working for a Multinational Company in Germany

Everybody desires a high paid job and maybe to work in Germany but the responsibility and commitment this opportunity demands are necessary to be developed and adopted for success. Our guest today: Dr. Kelechi Onwukamike is a highly valued employee of Procter and Gamble: A Multinational company. He resides in Germany and shares great insight on what it means to attract and maintain a highly valued job in a multinational company. He also stresses on the living conditions in Germany and how to adapt and excel amidst challenging circumstances. It is a continuation of last interview with Dr. Kelechi.

LBC CREW: Would you have preferred the Nigeria environment over Germany?

Dr. Kelechi: It’s demanding to work in Germany is quite demanding, and demands a lot of hard work. It is an environment that gives no room for excuses. This is because you have virtually all social amenities necessary to enhance a productive work time. There is a great focus on achieving targets here. Howbeit, companies here have a high employee support. It is almost difficult to exploit an employee here because of the antecedent factor. Although there is self-consciousness of being in a foreign land with a culture you must acclimatize. This alone makes one feel like better to be in your home country if living and working conditions are better.

You get rewarded for what you know and practice. This is one aspect that most people who work abroad prefer, amidst the fact that you have a lot of taxes to pay.  Unlike where I am now, my home country is a more structured, a consuming environment. It is not based on individual productivity. It is not an environment that stresses on individual expertise, although there are few exceptions. This work environment does not favor a free flow of idea. This is one big difference between It is impossible to make real impact where there is not strong drive for achievement. In some countries, you get paid for doing almost nothing, except turning on and off switch, and systems. Sometimes people just come to register their presence and go back to do other assignment. A country doesn’t grow by the strength of giants, but by contribution of everyone. In a society where our individual contribution doesn’t count a lot, the survival of such country is seriously under threat.

LBC CREW: What is your advice to the youth?

Dr. Kelechi: Never take your experience for granted. You might be studying in Nigeria and it appears that there are lots of things that are not done right. Do not use that as an excuse not to grow.  You have to identify what you need to be relevant in your industry. Develop yourself to fill in existing skill gap in your industry. Don’t just become a graduate, study to know. When you are studying to know, you remember these things no matter how long you were taught. Even if you were not taught, learn it yourself. You will definitely need them at the right time. This is a fulfillment. Don’t give up, keep pushing till you reach your goal.

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