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YouTube Launches 2022 Recap: A Relive To Music Fans

You could only see your recap on YouTube Music before this upgrade. This year, YouTube launches 2022 Recap: A Relive To Music Fans . You can start your Recap trip by searching for ‘2022 Recap’ on the YouTube app for iOS or Android. YouTube Music has begun to roll out 2022 Recap on its app, … Read more

MTN Launches Data Analytics Training Program:Bridges the Skills Gap

MTN Launches Data Analytics Training Program:Bridges the Skills Gap. Data analytics is significant since it aids in the performance optimization of enterprises. By finding more cost-effective ways to do business and retaining a lot of data, firms can help cut expenses by incorporating it into their business strategy. Additionally, a corporation can use data analytics … Read more

Microsoft Office gets a New Name:Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office gets a New Name: Microsoft 365. Absolutely,security is one of the guiding principles that Microsoft 365 business standard and other editions have been built upon. Your private information is always safeguarded by the suite. Microsoft Office 365 was created with the intention of providing small and large enterprises with incredible value. Microsoft Office … Read more

The Emergence of Mastodon: Alternative to Twitter

mastadon alternative to twitter image

The emergence of Mastodon: alternative to Twitter is a new social platform which provides alternative platform. Technology has provided amazing opportunities and various alternatives to leverage on which makes life better, easier and simplier to cope with. In this article, you will be introduced to a unique platform, Mastodonwhich can compete with other existing social … Read more

Most Items in the Everything Store Can Be Handled by Amazon’s New Robot

  Most Items in the Everything Store Can Be Handled by Amazon’s New Robot. This is an exciting news! Amazon’s New Robot ,named Sparrow, with a-5 pound weight capacity, can handle most items in everything store-by using machine learning algorithms and a customized gripper to balance how people and machines work. Using machine learning algorithms … Read more

Laszlo Bíró: The Man Who Invented Biro

Laszlo Bíró: The Man Who Invented Biro had largely redefined the world of writing. In today world of work, there is a high demand of writing, yet creative and meaningful writing compel readers to get stuck to your page and extract relevant information. Modern technology can not but appreciates the role of traditional writings which … Read more

Amazon Web Service has opened Operations in Lagos, Nigeria.

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), a subsidiary of, Inc., today announced the establishment of its first office in Lagos, Nigeria. The new Lagos location is part of AWS’s commitment to the country’s expanding number of customers and partners. The office will help organizations of all sizes, including startups, enterprises, and government agencies, transition to … Read more

5G Network Launched in 7 Cities of Nigeria by MTN

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5G Network Launched in 7 Cities of Nigeria by MTN launches a 5G pilot, with seven cities to follow Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, Owerri, Maiduguri, and Abuja are among the cities on the list.Customers can access and use the 5G network using compatible gadgets like routers and smartphones, the company said. It also said … Read more

Bill Gates’ Microsoft Ready to Launch Windows 12

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Windows 12 Launch Release Date Only one year has passed since the initial introduction of Windows 11, yet speculation about Windows 12 has already begun. There have been rumors that Microsoft is moving to a new Windows update cycle and won’t be releasing any Windows 11 23H2 or 24H2 in the near future. In truth, … Read more

New Flying Motorcycle Ready for Sales

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Flying Motorcycle Now Launched Years have been spent researching flying automobiles, but a California business hopes to expand the field by developing a flying motorcycle. The Speeder, a genuine flying motorcycle being developed by JetPack Aviation, will go on sale as early as 2023, according to Supercar Blondie. The Speeder is not an electric vehicle, … Read more