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Bill Gates’ Microsoft Ready to Launch Windows 12

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Windows 12 Launch Release Date Only one year has passed since the initial introduction of Windows 11, yet speculation about Windows 12 has already begun. There have been rumors that Microsoft is moving to a new Windows update cycle and won’t be releasing any Windows 11 23H2 or 24H2 in the near future. In truth, … Read more

New Flying Motorcycle Ready for Sales

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Flying Motorcycle Now Launched Years have been spent researching flying automobiles, but a California business hopes to expand the field by developing a flying motorcycle. The Speeder, a genuine flying motorcycle being developed by JetPack Aviation, will go on sale as early as 2023, according to Supercar Blondie. The Speeder is not an electric vehicle, … Read more

Africa’s First Bitcoin Debit Card Invented by a Nigerian

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Africa’s First Bitcoin Debit Card Young people in Nigeria are penning their incredible tales of exploits in a great way. A few others are not only influencing the future of the continent but also of the entire world, despite the fact that they have been labeled “lazy” and unfuturistically minded due to situations involving internet … Read more

eSIM Introduction To Reshape Telecommunication Industry

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eSIM Introduction To Reshape Telecommunication Industry It won’t be long before many smartphones embrace electronic SIM cards, effectively doing away with the necessity for a physical SIM card, despite the fact that the vast majority of phones don’t support eSIM (and so a SIM slot).The first fully eSIM-only phone made its debut in the form … Read more

Bill Gates Explains Why He Has No Interest in Cryptocurrency

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Bill Gates Explains Why He Has No Interest in Cryptocurrency Bill Gates maintains he does not hold any cryptocurrencies because he likes to put his money “in firms that have valuable output.” The fourth-richest individual in the world with a personal fortune of $116 billion (£92.8 billion), the founder of Microsoft, made the remarks. According … Read more

Apple Launches Lockdown Mode To Protect Its OSes Against Cyber Attacks

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Apple Launches Lockdown Mode To Protect Its OSes Against Cyber Attacks Apple is giving consumers who may be at risk of highly focused cyberattacks from commercial businesses creating state-sponsored mercenary spyware specific additional protection through a ground-breaking security feature that is now under preview. Apple is also disclosing information on a $10 million grant it … Read more

MTN to Buy a Tech Company – Telkom

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MTN to Buy a Tech Company – Telkom The smaller local rival Telkom SA SOC Ltd. and MTN Group Ltd. are in talks to merge, which would make the merged business the largest mobile phone operator in South Africa in terms of subscribers. According to Bloomberg, both businesses are negotiating a deal under which MTN … Read more

A Tech Company Gasmonkey Introduces Smart Cylinder

gasmonkey smart cylinder

Gasmonkey introduces smart cylinder to increase gas use in Nigeria. The technologically advanced cylinders are intended to protect Nigerian gas users, who at present run the risk of using out-of-date cylinders. Paul Nnaluo, the chief executive officer of Gasmonkey, stated during the product’s unveiling in Lagos that the company was founded to use technology to … Read more