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A Tech Company Gasmonkey Introduces Smart Cylinder

Gasmonkey introduces smart cylinder to increase gas use in Nigeria. The technologically advanced cylinders are intended to protect Nigerian gas users, who at present run the risk of using out-of-date cylinders.

Paul Nnaluo, the chief executive officer of Gasmonkey, stated during the product’s unveiling in Lagos that the company was founded to use technology to address problems associated with gas usage in Nigeria. Over 80% of Nigerians, in his estimation, still do not use gas, despite the fact that it is more affordable and environmentally friendly.

While adding that one of the reasons many Nigerians have not been using gas is safety concerns, he claimed that with the introduction of smart cylinders, these issues have been resolved and consumers will no longer need to carry the cylinder when it is time to replenish.

“With a Gasmonkey smart cylinder, you can monitor client usage using our app so you never have to worry about your gas running out. The gas suppliers keep an eye on the dashboard through their dashboard in order to know when your gas is likely to run out and send out a replacement, the man claimed.

Nnaluo noted that the Gasmonkey app is a user-friendly smart utility software that enables users to track their LPG consumption and pay for the services, with investors from Spark + Africa, Xavier Pierluca and Peter George present at the presentation. You may view the contents of your cylinders and get forecasts for when they will run out using the app.

Additionally, it enables automatic ordering to prevent unexpected stock runs,” he noted.

He claimed that by knowing how many customers they have and when each one will need another supply, the software also enables gas dealers to forecast their sales.

The Gasmonkey CEO described the conditions of use by stating that the company owns and manages the cylinders, and that consumers pay rent on an annual basis. According to him, this design makes sure that the cylinders are adequately handled and protected from expiration.

Speaking further, Nnaluo stated that the smart cylinder aids in addressing users’ safety concerns, adding that “you can remotely monitor the utilization of your cylinders via the mobile app with our app.”

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