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How To Keep Your Job.

You need to know how to keep your job after being employed to avoid being served with a red card, I mean a sack letter. No superior would be happy to have employers who don’t know their onus. Sometimes, the problem is not your boss, you could be the problem because you have what it takes to keep the job.



Before you think of getting a job, it is important you have a pre-knowledge of the task you are about signing up to. An awareness of the time and energy, and the general modus operandi of the work before getting the job is very important to avoid regret and murmuring while working, you have to provide a room for more research and a vast of understanding of your job for a better delivery.


Now that you understand the job, you need to work hard. You don’t also need to slam your head against the wall to keep the job. The process of working hard deprives you of some pleasures you had in the past, avoiding distractions from friends whose leisure time is your work time, also avoiding distraction from social media, movies and other mobile app entertainment that interferes with your job.


This is an act of being early. For employees whose job are not remote jobs, it is expedient you report early to work. Normally, punctuality is not limited to reporting early to work, it is expected also from remote workers. It entails delivering task(s) when needed and not working after the deadline. It feels good to work in a relaxed manner than working under pressure because you are late and afraid to get queried. So to keep your job, always be up to time and date.


Be the employee who wears a smile, not the grumpy one who owns a gossip team at the work place. There should be a spice of banter in your tone when dealing with clients and co-workers. This could earn you a promotion privilege or a better opportunity from people you secret admirers.


To keep that job, you have to keep believing you can keep it until you find a better opportunity. Try to see possibilities even when impossibilities spread its wings to avoid letting certain conditions make you become irksome and metamorphose you into a grumbler. There are thousands of people praying for the job you are grumbling about, so instead of grumbling, stay cool and hopeful while you stretch your head upwards for a better opportunity. It’s better than resigning and retiring to the frustration of idleness.


Your boss would be wowed to know that you always have the answers to certain problems. You also give him the impression that you can be a qualified ambassador in his absence. Knowing the job is cool but being creative is super cool. Being creative entails the ability of providing answers with original ideas. It makes you stand classy even when you are not the boss.


You don’t need to look expensive to look good. One can still appear a billion dollar worth even on cheap wears. The most important thing is decency and neatness. Are you the type who do not have enough clothes and shoes to wear to work? Then you have to target neatness. Look neat in the few clothes you have. Or maybe you have the money but can’t afford classy wears? Target affordable and decent wears and look neat on them. Understand colours and right combinations for clothes, so you don’t turn a mockery object to co-workers.


Excuses are sometimes inevitable as an employee but there’s a right approach to it. Whenever there is a reason for your inability to do carry out a job, tell your superior early enough. A sudden excuse from you might cause a sudden failure at work and you might loose your job. In order to keep your job, tell your boss early enough, so preparations and necessary adjustment could be made early enough.

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