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Overcome Phone Addiction



Here may be a fresh Book that will guide you to be told a way to minimize your Phone Addiction so you’ll maximize creativity, increase productivity, and acquire back time.

And the impact of this usage is staggering:

Reducing the standard of conversations.
Adversely impacting short-term memory and problem solving.
Negatively affecting our sleep patterns.
Resulting in more negativity, distress, and fewer emotional recovery in young children.
Increasing obesity.
And the direct correlation between smartphone addiction and depression is alarming.

You would think, given the statistics and what we all know to be true about mobile phone usage, it’d be easy to place down and go away. But I can attest the technology addiction struggle is real.

Topics covered Include:

How to beat mobile phone addiction
10 different signs
How to notice phone usage in others
Why you ought to build connections with real people
Why social media is so addictive
5 reasons why putting your phone away for twenty-four hours is healthy
Tips to avoid checking your phone in an excessive amount 
Why you wish to step off from social media
Ways to avoid phone long hours use
Resources to help with
What to try to do if your teen is hooked in to their phone
The importance of limiting screen time
Why you don’t want to use your phone while in bed
And much more!