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The Futility of Acquiring Certificates without skills

In these few decades I have lived in this country, I have discovered the futility of chasing a university degree and certificates. I was nurtured with the mentality that if I take my university courses very serious, life will be better. I will get a better job, buy good cars, build good houses and enjoy a great life. Oops! I imagine the frustration and heartbreak I encountered going down my life history. I was a triangular student, always known for patronizing the library, then classroom, then hostel. You can always predict where I will be at every time of the day. Starting the academic journey with a battle the popular “UTME”, exams after high school into the tertiary learning citadel, and my early year in the university. Dedicating time, money and energy both in times of lack and plenty, attending classes, most time with a 1, 0, 0 or 0, 1 1 food menu and energy bereft body to writing series of test and exams, re-writing failed courses seminars and project and finally, answering the clarion call to earn a discharge certificate which qualifies you to work in the country. To some, their certificate has always been active in the realm of the dream land. To others, it has just to barely survive. A few privileges have attracted a fortune from the certificate the possess. Every year majority of graduate come out of school to multiply the unemployment line.

          Due to the inevitable replication of unemployment, the popular statement that “education is the key to success” has become a statement to doubt, a faint truth because there are numerous unsuccessful educated individuals, who probably lived and prepared for life fenced  around their certificate, which ended up disappointing them, if only they had known there is life, meaningful and comfortable life beyond certificate. This is solely not a way to criticize or condemn education or the ownership of a certificate but a call to have an alternative career plan. It is possible you not profit from your certificate. It is not a time to be religious and say; “its not my portion.” In life we have overrule the need to plan and abrogate all of life responsibility to God. It is high time to develop an alternative plan for your life and expect a future success.

          The culture of entrepreneurship means earning income beyond certificate attracted jobs. It may involve starting small, owning a small laundry shop, run low-key barbing services, hair braiding, baking services etc. This could be before or after graduation and can gradually grow into a big business. You can get to a stage where you don’t need any salary/paid job anymore for life. It is important to develop skills. It is the life of creativity, and providing alternative income source beyond that of the certificate. This will help the society and even expand the space of employment.

          It is not to be emphasized that majority of graduate are earning their money from areas that are different from what they studied in school. Take a walk down the street, you meet an artist, he tells you that he studied Chemical Engineering, you meet a photographer, he tells he studied Banking and Finance, you meet a fashion designer, she tells she studied Communication Arts, you meet a successful merchant, he tells you he  studied Computer Science, this attest to the fact that in life, one can be displace the unprepared and get them to frustration. This frustration happens only when you lack the right preparation. Most tertiary institution have now adopted the teaching of entrepreneurship and vocational skills to complement the conventional education program that provide a balance education for the future of students. Corp members are now taught skills in camp, primary and secondary schools now include it in their syllables just to prepare them.

          Therefore, its no longer a time to sit and wait, don’t think you have to start big, start from anywhere and you will definitely get to somewhere which is the life beyond your certificate.

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