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How Much Does it Cost to Mint NFT?

How Much Does it Cost to Mint NFT?

NFT minting means purchasing a product before it is sold out; NFT means Non-Fungible Token. An NFT is a term in cryptocurrency used to denote a blockchain-based token that shows ownership or claim of a digital asset such as pictures, poems, images, videos and even physical possessions. Minting of NFT is a process of changing digital assets into crypto-collectables or assets stored on a blockchain. These items or flies can be stored in a decentralized database that cannot be modified or deleted. Like in fiat currency making, a producer mints a physical coin. This process of uploading a particular item into the blockchain is known as minting.

In the minting process, a creator or owner of an NFT sets royalties for each NFT to be sold, which becomes a commission received on every purchase of the item on the market. NFT minting can also be said to be a means of storage of items on the blockchain. Minting of NFT is done on the Open Sea. This process takes some steps, and here is how 

  • Start by acquiring some Ethereum, create and connect to a crypto wallet to enable your Open Sea account to upload the digital assets that will be turned into an NFT.

How to mint an NFT on the Open Sea Market Place:

Buy Ethereum (ETH): One of the most common cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin is Ethereum. It is well known by many NFT marketplaces where transactions are made. Ethereum can be purchased from any crypto exchange platform.

1. Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet:

A crypto wallet is needed for the purchase of ETH. This wallet is necessary to buy and sell NFT on the Open Sea. A Trust or Metamask wallet is the most straightforward and accessible wallet option. It can also be used to save other ETH based tokens or Bitcoin.

2. Connect wallet to Open Sea:

Once your wallet is created, you can connect it to Open Sea by following the procedures

  • Open Metamask or Trust wallet on your browser or download the app via the play store
  • Check on http:/ on your browser, then select “profile”
  • Connect your crypto wallet by choosing “Metamask.”
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Add your email and username to verify the account
  • Your email will receive a verification mail
  • Minting fee defers on different platforms.

How to create your NFT

Once your wallet is set and connected to Open Sea, it is time to create your first NFT. NFTs can be made in different shapes, forms and colours.

Steps were taken to create an NFT:

  • Click on Open Sea profile and select “my collection.”
  • Create a New Collection
  • This collection now serves as a digital asset portfolio

Minting Cost on Open Sea

Open Sea is a marketplace to sell NFTs. It has required before the sale of NFT can be made. NFT fee is a non-refundable fee that is not fixed; It can be negotiated. The payment on the Open Sea market is paid in Ethereum (ETH). The cost of the fee depends on the current value of the currency used. The initial price on Open Sea for starting the account is $70 to $300. The following transaction gives Open Sea permission to the NFTs, about $10 to $30. The marketplace charges a 15%of the final selling price—a gas fee paid in advance for transactions on Eth Network. A gas fee is expensive on the Eth network. How Much Does it Cost to Mint NFT

Minting Fee on Rarible

On Rarible, an NFT marketplace charges a fee of 2.5% on every sale. A seller can pay a total fee of 5% of the final price. Rarible now provides services for creators to create NFT for free with a feature called Lazy Minting. This means you do not pay from your wallet to mint an NFT. Some sites to mint NFT for free include:

  • Valuable cents
  • Nifty Gateway
  • Async Art
  • Binance NFT

To save cost, it’s best to mint your NFTs on platforms with low minting fees, and it is essential to research and know when the gas fees are higher or more intense than the regular price. Gas feel depends on the complexity and amount necessary by the blockchain. The more complex the NFT, the higher it costs to mint an NFT. To make your NFT more accessible to the general public, there is a need to share the NFT on other social media platforms like Twitter, Medium and Telegram.

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