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How to Overcome the Fear of COVID 19

In times like this, when the world seems to be engulfed in a global COVID 19 pandemic and there seems to be little or no hope of near survival in the shortest possible time, we need to discover an anchor stronger than we are to hold unto. We need somebody of something that can empower our minds to still believe in self-survival. Its imperative to overcome the fear of COVID 19. We can’t afford to face life in hopelessness. It can be more disastrous to lose hope, than fall prey to the pandemic. According to a twenty-six years old American, who found himself in the deeper realms of hopelessness and despair, it is an early stage of depression, and can further degenerate to a more severe medical condition. In his words, he said; ‘When I lose hope, I become confuse. I loose memory of relevant life task and my internal organs undergo inflammation. Everything that once put turned me on becomes useless. I begin to witness Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and freeze, further skyrocketing into deep depression.” Am sure many who have experience this will associate with this analogy at one point or the order. No matter how you feel right now, do everything possible to stay in hope.

Let me take you to the beginning of what HOPE means. It is the positive expectation of achieving success or entering into a desired future. Most dictionaries define it as a feeling or emotional state. Significance of means there are created and can well be destroyed. They are not physical state, but can as well control how our physical bodies respond and the formations of our reality. Dr. Lisa Barrett, puts it right by saying that our feelings and emotions are created by our brain. This it does, in the same way as it interprets external stimuli, bodily sensations, and past experience and sends signals to all part of our body. We can train our minds to interpret external stimuli in the light of God’s word. You can train your brain to understand that no problem was specifically design for your self-destruction. You need no understand just like the Biblical King Solomon, there is no nothing new under the sun. Every life’s battle and experience has occurred in the past in one form or the other. Many in the past have gone through that life experience that seems to break you and guess what? They survived and came up as testimonials that you can become everything you’ve always feared. You can survive in the midst of storm. No matter how deadly the current pandemic is, it cannot destroy everybody. No matter how difficult times are right now, it will not last forever.

In the year 1918 to 1920, the Spanish Flu came, affecting a total of five hundred people, yet people survived and moved on in life. Asian Flu cam in the year 1957, with victims numbering over one million, and killing people in their hundreds, yet people survived and move on with life. HIV/AIDS came in the year 1981, and has claimed more than thirty-five million lives, yet we are will moving on in success. The Ebola epidemic came in 2014 and destroyed more than twenty-eight thousand lives, yet the world is not over. This pandemic will never bring the end to your life. We will survive and live to tell the story. Train your brain to realize these facts that you are indestructible, unconquerable and your success can never be denied. You will survive all life’s challenge and succeed, even where others fail. Be re-assured in your heart that if you are quite and patient enough, you will find compensation in your disappointment. Embrace hope today and nothing will be impossible to you.

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